Safety Consulting Services

The Confined Space Legislation often leaves an employer with more questions than answers.
Let On-Site Rescue help move you on a pathway toward compliance. We can create or your documentation from the ground up or we can provide a set of fresh eyes to improve your current Program.

The confined space legislation was introduced in 2006 there are still companies struggling. With over 30 years combined experience in confined space regulation On-Site Rescue can evaluate your current position and move you forward to compliance.
It often starts with an evaluation and inventory of your spaces.

We can create your confined space program from the ground up or we can review your current documentation and modify as necessary.

We specialize in creating easy to use working documents such as a Hazard Assessment,Entry Permit and Rescue Plan that are fully compliant and customizable.

Most companies want confidence in knowing that they are operating safely and within the regulations. We help your team get there.

As a food processing manufacturer, we must adhere to high standards. For the past 16 years On-Site Rescue has been our sole provider for confined space and rope access related work. We count on them for all our dust sock changes, bin cleaning, silo entries, inspection and maintenance in confined spaces.

Their rope access work saves time and money as we could not reach many of the spaces without significant cost. They are safe, efficient and exceed our expectations every time.

Lindsay, Pepsi Co

On-Site Rescue has been servicing us for over 14 years. When you call, you speak directly with the owners. No matter how late the call they try to accommodate. Working at one of Ontario’s largest steel plants we have hundreds of confined spaces. During a shutdown we often have up to 20 confined spaces open at one time.

On-Site Rescue provides all the Attendants and Rescue Techs to keep us compliant with the regulations. They improve our efficiency because they understand our maintenance schedule. When our trades need into the space, there is no waiting for the Confined Space Team, On-site Rescue is always there protecting the space. They provide all the atmospheric testing and complete our documents to a high degree of accuracy. I would recommend On-Site Rescue to any manufacturer.

Mark, Brass Inc.