Confined Space Attendant

The Regulation requires that an Attendant be at the entrance of the space and maintain contact (voice, vision or touch) with each Entrant. Most facilities do not have the resources to cover these additional positions, especially during a shutdown. On-Site Rescue can provide trained Attendants 24/7 regular maintenance or large scaled shutdowns. We provide atmospheric monitoring and all required equipment. 

Confined space entries add a whole new level of complexity to the maintenance schedule.

Most organizations do no have extra trained people available to act as the Attendant for each space. We ensure you have a trained workforce at your spaces when you need them. As they say “time is money”.

You cannot afford to have multiple tradespersons waiting to enter spaces because the confined space team is not prepared.

On-Site Rescue will complete all entry documents, track the entrants, perform required atmospheric testing, contribute to safety briefings and generally help to facilitate your entries to make sure each is as efficient as possible.

At the same time will provide the provision for Rescue and ensure you have the resources immediately available to affect a rescue in the case of an emergency situation

Improving Efficiency with On-Site Rescue

Ensuring 100% coverage over the length of the shift ensures that your skilled tradespeople will not be held up waiting for the confined space team to open the space. Different trades operate on different timelines. It is critical that they have access to the space without delay.

On-Site Rescue will work with your trades to ensure full access.