Confined Space Awareness / Entry Training

Any worker exposed to the hazards of a confined space require training based on Ont. Reg. 632/05. We come to your site to offer a comprehensive review of the regulation and workplace requirements. What does the regulation say, how does it apply to us, how do we make sure we are working safely and compliant? By the end of our 4 hour course you and your employees will have solid working knowledge of the legislation and their responsibilities within it. We take the time to review your permit process and documentation to ensure consistency throughout your organization. We have had great feedback from this program and believe that our creativity and ability to adapt it to your workplace make it invaluable.

Duration – 4 hrs

Max Class Size – 24

Course Content Includes:

  • New regulations
  • The Program
  • Defining a Confined Space
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Hazard Assessment
  • The Plan
  • Coordination Documentation Training
  • Entry Permit
  • Isolations of Energy and Control of Materials Movement
  • Atmospheric Testing
  • Ventilation and Purging
  • Hot Work
  • On-site Rescue Procedures
  • Means of Entering and Exiting
  • Preventing Unauthorized Entry
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Documents

Site Specific Practical Demonstration

Max Class Size – 12

Duration – (additional 4 hrs to Awareness / Entry Training)

For those employees who require a higher degree of understanding of the process we can provide an additional 4 hrs of practical training. Working in small groups the instructor will lead your employees through the company’s Confined Space procedures and documentation. A practical demonstration of the entry process, roles and responsibilities, atmospheric testing and provisions for rescue may be provided. All related equipment for the entry to be supplied by the company.

Confined Space Industrial Rescue

A further requirement of the legislation is the ability to rescue a worker from the confined space. The company can chose to third party this responsibility out or they may choose to train and perform the rescue in-house. Depending on the frequency of entries and complexity of the space your company may decide it makes sense to train in basic rescue techniques.

Here is the main benefit of our rescue course. Many training companies will train your employees to NFPA (Firefighting Rescue) standards. In our opinion this creates a problem in that the rope based rescue skills are difficult to grasp and retain without significant training. The equipment they use is expensive and the techniques can be complex. We have decided to provide training that focuses on a few basic techniques with equipment that can be used for virtually every space. Less focus on ropes and knots and more focus on patient care and simple extrication techniques. The result is more capable and confident rescuer. We call this an Industrial Rescue course as it blends standard rescue practices and equipment with simplified rescue procedures. Our focus is on safe entry for the rescuer, proper patient assessment/care and basic retrieval that works every time.

Max Class Size – 12

Duration – 16 hrs (8 hrs Awareness / Entry + 8 hrs Industrial Rescue)

  • Planning and implementing a Confined Space Rescue
  • Scene management
  • Duties of rescue entrant and attendants
  • Training with rescue equipment
  • Selecting an appropriate rescue system
  • Utilizing a lowering and raising system for a vertical rescue
  • Rope based rescue skills
  • Choosing suitable anchors and anchor systems
  • Utilizing a belay system
  • Patient packaging
  • Performing a non-entry type rescue
  • Performing an entry type rescue

Working at Heights Training

On-Site Rescue is officially approved by the Ontario Chief Prevention Officer as meeting the new Working at Heights Training Program and provider standards. Our program covers both the theory and practical requirements as outlined in the standard. We can come to your site or you may participate in one of our open courses. See course schedule for available dates. This training must be refreshed every 3 years.

Max Class Size – 12

Duration – 7.5 hrs

  • Rights and responsibilities related to working at height under the OHSA
  • General hazard recognition for working at heights
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Safety procedures for warning methods and physical barriers
  • Safety procedures for ladders
  • Introduction to personal fall arrest equipment
  • Barriers and safety nets
  • Personal fall protection equipment
  • Anchor points
  • Work positioning systems, work access and platforms
  • Rescue planning

Lockout / Tagout Training (LOTO)

This course introduces the participants to proper use of energy isolation devices and the tagout labelling process to increase safety and reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Whether you are a new employee or experienced worker this program will expand your knowledge of the LOTO procedures.

Max Class Size – 12

Duration – 4 hrs

  • Identify the responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Recognize the importance of both Lockout and Tagout
  • Identify the procedure for LOTO
  • Identify the equipment required for LOTO
  • Implementing procedures for LOTO

First Aid and CPR Training

On-Site Rescue provides all levels of first aid and CPR training to meet your needs. Our highly skilled trainers can come directly to your facility to provide the training.

  • Standard First Aid with CPR/AED
  • CPR/AED (can be “C” or “HCP”)
  • Emergency First Aid with CPR/AED
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • First Responder
  • Basic Marine First Aid
  • Advanced Marine First Aid
  • Oxygen Administration


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