Consultation and Program Development

Although the confined space legislation was introduced in 2006 there are still companies struggling with compliance. With almost 20 years combined experience in confined space regulation On-Site Rescue can evaluate your current position and move you forward to compliance. We can create you confined space program from the ground up or we can review your current documentation to and modify as necessary. We specialize in creating easy to use working documents such as a Hazard Assessment, Entry Permit and Rescue Plan that are fully compliant and customizable.

Most companies want confidence in knowing that they are operating safely and within the regulations. We help your team get there.

Standby – Rescue

One of the strongest parts of the legislation is the requirement for rescue. With an aging workforce it is as likely that your worker in the confined space may suffer a medical emergency rather than a toxic environment. In either case you must have a plan of action in place with trained personnel and equipment to extricate the entrant in a timely manner. The legislation makes it very clear that relying on the local fire department is not an option.

This rescue requirement has proven to be a burden for most workplaces. They do not want to incur the liability nor the cost of rescue equipment and training. Besides the extrication of the patient, if there is a potential for a toxic environment then Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) would be included in the plan. This adds significant expense with variables such as initial purchase, annual certifications, bottle maintenance/filling, training for personnel, mask FIT testing and ensuring employees are clean shaved.

Confined Space Attendant

The regulation requires that an attendant be at the entrance of the space and to be in contact with each entrant at all times. This requires additional personnel on the facility’s part that is generally not available during your shutdown. On-Site Rescue has the resources to provide a trained Attendant workforce for both emergency repair and extended shutdowns. We can provide up to 40+ personnel around the clock often required for large scale maintenance operations.

Confined space entries add a whole new level of complexity to an organization. We ensure you have a trained workforce at your spaces when you need them. You will not have multiple tradespersons waiting to enter spaces because the confined space team is not prepared. On-Site Rescue will complete all entry documents, track the entrants, perform required atmospheric testing, contribute to safety briefings and generally help to facilitate your entries to make sure each is as efficient as possible.

Industrial Services

We are confined space experts. Our industrial service team will make entry into the confined space following all government regulations. We have certified experts in most trades. We can deal with your confined space from start to finish.

  • Welding
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Dust sock exchange
  • Paintings and coatings
  • Cleaning or inspection

Confined Space Zero Cost Training Solution

We recognize that training costs can be taxing on all businesses. We can help reduce the confined space training cost to the point where it does not cost you anything. We call it “Zero-Cost Training” and it has been extremely successful with some of our larger clients. The basic premise is that for the companies to whom we provide standby rescue and attending services to we also provide free of cost, up to 4 Confined Space Awareness / Entry courses per year for your employees. This is at no cost to your organization and will save you thousands of dollars annually. Some restrictions apply.


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